What Happens to a Junk Car After You Sell It in San Antonio, TX? Car Fluids Drained, Scrap Metal Processing & More

A rusted heap of metal that vaguely resembles a vehicle is a constant reminder sitting in your driveway that you have something on your “to do” list. Having the eyesore take up space on your property is frustrating, no matter if the vehicle was poorly maintained, it was an automobile in accident that rendered it useless, or age took its life. Companies, such as Noriega Brothers Towing, is interested in giving you cash for the piece of junk if you are interested in buying a vehicle that was mechanically deficient or the body a jumbled mess, or both. But what happens to the junk car once you take the quick cash to get the heap off your San Antonio, Texas driveway? To discuss the standard process of junking the car, we at Noriega Brothers Towing would like to take the opportunity to discuss this further. In a nutshell, it is parted out, disassembled, and sold as scrap.

Car Fluids are Drained from Vehicle

To begin with, any fluids are drained before the vehicle is processed through the other steps. Any leftover oil and gasoline are siphoned. From there, the vehicle’s brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, as well as all other liquids are all removed. Before any further processing is completed, these fluids are properly disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

What to Remove from Car Before Scrapping?

From the vehicle, the functional parts that are worth something are extracted, usually. Parts are inventoried and put on the market for the public and they include major components like the engine, transmissions, and alternator, as well as smaller parts like the battery.

Scrap Metal Processing

The shell of the vehicle is processed into scrap metal, which is actually an impressive sight to behold. About 750 million pounds of scrap metal make their way back into the industrial cycle every single month where the auto recycling industry feeds a considerable large part of it in the United States alone. Nearly 95% of cars worldwide end up recycled, rather than sitting in a dump somewhere in fact. With an enormous machinery that compresses, the vehicles are first crushed and then compressed into a small, flat, compact sheet of metal. Even a standard SUV or truck is little more than two feet tall after emerging from a crusher. The crushed block of scrap is fed into an incredibly powerful shredder once the compression of the junk car. The metal is shipped easily to the processing plant in smaller fragments. The aluminum and steel is separated and melted down so it can be used to create new products including additional vehicles.

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