Top Reasons You Need A Flatbed Tow Truck in San Antonio, TX; Towing Damaged Vehicles, Classic Cars & More

Any inconvenience in the way we live our life can be problematic. It seems that everyone is busy and just doesn’t have time for unforeseen issues in their life. One of the things most people rely heavily on is their vehicle. The reason is that you have to get from one place to the next on your busy schedule and your car, truck, van or SUV is the best way to get there. You want to make sure you do what you can to keep your car in good working condition. Unfortunately, this does not mean that your car won’t end up damaged or broken down. When this happens you have to call a tow company out to retrieve your vehicle and take it for repair at a garage. You want to make sure you know what you need to tell the tow truck when you call, such as the needs you have for the truck. There are different types of tow trucks you might need. Noriega Brothers Towing outlines common reasons you may need a flatbed tow truck.

Flatbed Towing of Damaged Vehicle

When you are driving on the roads you want to be a safe driver. The safer you are, the better it is not only for you but the other drivers and passengers on the roads as well. Even if you are safe and careful about the other drivers around you, accidents will and do happen. The accident can be minor with all parties that are walking away and driving their own cars. Then there are accidents that can be more major and can be enough that you need to have your car towed away from the scene. Some cars can leave on a regular wheel lift tow but others may need to go on a flatbed. The flatbed should be called out if your vehicle is in bad shape and damaged so severely that it cannot travel down the road on a standard tow truck. A damaged vehicle is one of the top reasons a flatbed tow truck is called out.

Exotic & Classic Car Towing

Your standard sedan or pick up truck are not the only types of vehicles that are in need of towing. There are other vehicles as well that are more of a specialty vehicle that may need to be towed whether they are damaged or they are being repaired or sold. One of the vehicles that needs to be on a flatbed are cars that ride very low to the ground and don’t have a lot of clearance under the vehicle. They are not able to be towed any other way. If you have a low ride vehicle that needs to be towed, it is best to let the tow company know that is what vehicle you have. The other area of vehicles that may need to be on a flatbed are classic and exotic cars to avoid adding miles and risking damage being towed by other methods.

Long Distance Flatbed Towing

If you have a vehicle that you know has to be towed a longer distance it is best to call to have it on a tow truck. The flatbed offers a more safe ride for your car and can leave you feeling much more at ease.

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