Pros of Selling Your Junk Car for Cash in San Antonio, TX; Make Money, Provide Used Auto Parts to Restore Old Cars & More

As the twenty first century progresses, we are all trying to do our part for the environment. Did you know that in the US alone that steel production comes from 60% scrap metal? Aluminum recycling is up over the 80% mark, mostly cans, and for copper it is close to 50%. What’s more all these metals are in your car. The later model Ford Super Duty and F-150 bodies are all military grade aluminum. Many of us develop a relationship with our cars. Some we love others we hate. Those we like, we want to keep. The junk and salvage yards provide us with an economic alternative to new parts to keep them going as well as a place to send them when we are ready to part ways.

Junk Yards Offer Access to Auto Parts

After ten years the requirement for automakers to supply parts is expired. However, it will take another decade or two for parts availability to dry up and some later parts can be substituted. For some, used car parts make great sense. Parts also have some interchangeability over the years within a model line. Take a car with under 50,000 miles, the engine and transmission will be good to go up to another 75,000 to 100,000 miles. With the wiring harness and engine/transmission computer it makes a valuable upgrade to an older vehicle or an economical replacement for a like make and model. Adapter plates for the old Cummins 12 valve six diesel are available for Ford and Chevy trucks and are a popular swap. Much of our vehicular legacy lives on.

Restore Old Car Parts

For a renovation or custom project used body parts may be part of the plan. New parts are available, but that door came off a like model vehicle from the factory, not a universal part by a third party. That used part is much cheaper, and if inspected and handled properly, just as good as new parts. Doors, fenders, hoods and trunk lids with truck tailgates are in demand. This holds even more true for older cars. There is value in that clunker. The economy is always in flux. With lower paychecks we’re all in the market for bargains. Used power steering pumps, alternators and AC compressors can also save some bucks over new, and should be good enough to last for long enough to return the investment. Junk yard parts are always in demand by DIYer or vehicular hobbyist. There are a lot of accessories like GPS, radios and other items that have stand alone value. So that used car or truck can be sold for parts or salvage. But if it’s a classic it may pay to restore it. The classics bring premium prices. On Autotrader a 1971 Mustang is listed for $109,000. A ’69 Mustang will set you back over $75,000. Pontiac Firebirds are between $28-48,000. A ’69 Camaro is listed for $61K. Need a hobby? Classic restoration may not get you rich but could at least break even. A plus for any hobby.

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There is a lot of intrinsic value in a dead car. Them bones have potential. There are companies like Noriega Brothers Towing that will pay cash for your clunker and haul it away free. Call us or fill out this form to get rid of that abandoned vehicle taking up space on your property today!

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