How Much Does a Tow Typically Cost in San Antonio, TX? Towing, Winch Out or Roadside Service Needed & More

The last thing that most of us want to deal with is a car that is broken down or been in an accident. Any time you are driving along in your vehicle, you more than likely have a time commitment that you are trying to make or a certain window that you have to get all that you need to, done. When you do find yourself in need of a towing company’s services, you may be wondering how much it will all cost you. The answer to that question is, it depends. Noriega Brothers Towing is here to talk about some of the different factors that can affect the cost of your towing experience.

Why Towing Costs Vary

There are several different situations that you can find yourself in as a driver. It only makes sense that these different situations will bring with them different fees when you find yourself in need of a tow. Following are some of the biggest determinants that impact the cost of your tow.
– Time of Day Tow is Needed: If you have broken down in the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend, you are more than likely going to pay more for a towing service to help you out. When you call for a tow during business hours, you are going to get that company’s best rates. However, for many drivers, the need for towing services rarely falls during business hours. This can leave you paying more for the help that you need. However, most of us will pay whatever it takes to get us back up and on the road again.
– Dimensions of Vehicle to Be Towed: There are hundreds of different types of cars out on the road that all come with their own weights and dimensions. The dimensions of your vehicle will help to determine how much it will cost to tow it as well. If you have. A light duty vehicle, you are more than likely going to pay less than someone with a medium/heavy duty vehicle.
– Towing, Winch Out or Roadside Assistance Service: Sometimes, you can luck out and only need roadside assistance rather than a complete tow for your vehicle. If you need something like a flat tire repair or fuel delivery service, you usually don’t have to pay as much for those services as you would if you needed to have your vehicle towed somewhere. It can be tempting to take care of these things on your own, but even if you know how to change a tire, you may want to consider your safety and choose to call on a towing company to handle it for you.

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